Women Against Feminism??!!!!!


One of the ‘reasons’ people say they don’t need feminism is because they think feminists are completely against stay at home moms/wives.


Feminism is about women doing what they want/what makes them happy without being oppressed etc etc. SO if you want to be a stay at home wife or mom, FUCKING DO IT. Feminism isn’t trying to hold you back from it, it’s trying to stop the IDEA that women are only ALLOWED/CAPABLE of being  house wives. 

Not a hard concept???

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"I had taken the word recovery and put it together on a picture of a drawing of two hands holding onto another person’s hands and under it wrote: “You are not alone.”

There was something about that picture that needed those words and perhaps that saying, because there are so many people out in the world that play off love like it is a competition. It goes against everything god had attended it for and what it means to other people or what it should mean. A drawing of two holding hands might come off as two people in love with each other or it could be a mother and a daughter, a father and son, two friends that care about each other or just a stranger that just need assurance that they are not alone and that their life is precious.

We all need someone to understand and be there when they promised to be there and perhaps I do write a lot about the loss of friends or a person you once loved and not because I have not moved on, but because it hurts and pain will only get worse if you do not recognize why it’s there.

That picture with “Recovery and the helping hands,” blow it up and put that on your wall so when you wake up you will start your day with positive thoughts. We all need the same kind of positive light, love, and acceptance. That is what I tell everyone; no matter how they view the world and how they see themselves. God knows the way to everyone’s heart and I know that we all need people to be there for one another, whether it is with a kind word to enlighten someone, holding their hands to recovery, loving a person that feels bruised and beaten and giving them a purpose to continue on or hugging a friend that just need to be comforted.

No matter how a person views the world, no matter what their astrology sign is, no matter what their background in life is, we all feel the same when it comes to certain things and that is a foundation for friendship, respect and to appreciate one another. Differences make us unique.
So remember that you are not alone and that you have a chance to follow your dreams and to make a wonderful life for yourself.”

- Joanna Strafford (Becoming Joanna Strafford: The Collected Quotes and Writings Vol 3)


Painless ways to kill yourself.

i. There is no painless way to kill yourself, someone, somewhere, will feel the pain.

ii. The internet says, “sleeping pills, you will fall asleep and never wake up! You won’t feel a thing!” When that is a lie, your stomach will turn to fire and your throat will fill with the taste of your own stomach acid. You will drown in your own spit. That isn’t even the worst party, it’s when your mother comes home from work. She will walk through the door, and call out your name. She will call and call and there will be no response, maybe you’re in the shower? Maybe you’re asleep? She will walk up the stairs, knock on your door to receive no answer. When she walks in she will see the lifeless body of her baby girl, lying on the floor. Her heart will stop but she will run to you with shaky knees, touching your face that is now still and cold. Her body will be on fire, and her throat will begin to tighten, the sharp pains in her chest will feel like knives in the heart. That image will kill her more than her own death, it will haunt her living years each night. She will no longer be alive, but just as dead as you are now.

iii. Years ago, your father showed you the gun safe he kept in the house in case of emergencies, you knew the pass code, you knew how to shoot and loud, at least you had an idea. They say a bullet to the brain will do the job.. So one night, when your father is fast asleep, you will be down the hallway staring down the mouth of a gun.
One, two, three..
Your father’s heart will jump and his body will follow, the first thing he thinks of is you. He will scream your name and run down the hallway and bang on your door. It’s locked. His knees begin to feel weak as he bruises his body trying to knock down the door, the first sight he see’s in blood splattered on the wall. At that moment his breath began to stop, and his eyes wandered to yours. Still open, but no more life inside your shell. He will drop to his hands and knees and scream why, why, why. There will never be a day he won’t hate himself, for keeping a gun in the house, for not making you happy, for not knowing. He will live a life without a son, live a life with an empty space. Live a life of hurt, and hatred for himself.

iv. You may think that when you’re dead and gone you will not be hurting anyone. You may think when you slide a blade across your wrist, you’re only hurting yourself. Yet I have learned that is not true, it’s not. The person who will find your body, the one who see’s the cuts, their chest will feel tight and they will feel like it was their fault for letting it get this far. The only mark you will be leaving on them is pain, hurt, and the question why? So please note this, there is pain in every suicide attempt, every death, every cut. You are not only hurting your life, but others too. Because you are cared for.

i.c. // “There is always pain in death, maybe not felt by the one dying, but felt by the lovers of the deceased.” (via delicatepoetry)